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Podcast: Perspectives
Listen to Perspectives
The new weekly 
podcast from TEDxUAL.

Perspectives is a podcast developed and curated by TEDxUAL. Through a series of conversations and discussions with featured students across UAL, Perspectives aims to explore how different opinions and schools of thought can challenge the way we think, enable us to improve our personal and professional lives, and become catalysts for positive change in the world.

Hosted by Daryl Ho
Produced and mixed by Brendan Smith

Nour Hassaine.

On our debut episode, meet Nour Hassaine, Journalism student at LCC by day; lead organiser of TEDxUAL, SSSHAKE Stories co-manager and photographer at SSSHAKE, co-founder and editor of Unsettled Magazine by night. A multidisciplined professional, Nour chats with us about ambition, creativity and tenacity, and how they drive her in the various projects under her belt, while also sharing her perspective on finding fulfillment in an endless learning journey.

Find out more about Nour and her work at everythingart16.wordpress.com and on Instagram @everythingart1998.

Gabi Gastelo.

On this episode, meet the charismatic Gabi Gastelo, a Public Relations student at LCC and founder of Zeitgeist - a music management outfit and creative collective. Hailing from sunny California, Gabi talks about her journey to London, and how her passion for music and skills as a PR practitioner have married together. She also shares her perspective on the volatile digital landscape we live in today, where the lines of social media and technology are being blurred.

Find out more about Gabi and Zeitgeist at www.zeitgst.com, on Facebook (facebook.com/zeitgst), and on Twitter and Instagram @zeitgvng.

Elsa Blanchard.

On this episode, we sit down with Elsa Blanchard, a Graphic Communication Design student at CSM. Stepping outside her training
and comfort zone as a graphic designer, Elsa has embarked on numerous projects in Iran, using moving images and still-life photography to document the lives of locals there. She talks about story-telling across borders and cultures, breaking stereotypes and misconceptions, and exploring perspectives in a different part of the world.


Find out more about Elsa and her work at elsa-blanchard.squarespace.com and on Instagram @elsablchd.

Pod George.

On the 4th episode, say hello to Pod George, an Advertising student at LCC and founder of Project Chris. With Project Chris, Pod has created a platform that enables people to find their purpose, while also nurturing the next generation of young creative talent. He shares his perspective on passion and drive - key ingredients that bring a creative idea to life - along with inspiring people that create a great peer support system.

Find out more about Pod and Project Chris at www.projectchris.co.uk and on Instagram @project.chris.

Florentine Ruault.

For our final episode, we chat with Florentine Ruault, a Fine Art student at Chelsea College of the Arts. She is one of the many talented collaborators in the Digital Maker Collective, a group of UAL staff, students and alumni who explore digital and emerging technologies across various industries. Sharing her perspective on the evolution of art and technology, she also talks about the strengths of interdisciplinary collaboration, and how the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Find out more about Florentine at:

Instagram: @florentineruault

Find out more about the Digital Maker Collective at:

Instagram: @digitalmakercollective